What Is The Best 3D Game Design Course For Kids?

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Game development for kids? Such programming concepts, particularly letting children create their own games, may sound too complicated for them to learn. Considering the complexities of video game design, game development, or creating their very own game, it seems that only grown-ups can understand this part of computer programming.

Can kids learn video game design? Can a kid really create his or her own games in the category of 3D game development? Having said this, what is the best 3D game design course for kids online?

Introducing Kids To 3D Game Development And Game Design

A 3D game refers to computer entertainment filled with interactivity, and that which is graphically presented in three dimensions, constituting the depth, width, and height. It is a video game design with depth being added to 2D gaming, with a focus on exploring virtual worlds that have a more vivid and realistic representation.

Creating a 3D game is challenging, and at first glance, the game development of this kind, involving computer programming, may only be for adults. Well, not quite. There is a growing trend today that allows younger individuals to create their own games through coding, as they jumpstart on this by enrolling in courses where kids learn coding to come up with their very own game. Perhaps they may create something in these younger years that they then seek to develop as an adult, and could even be picked up by someone like Xsolla (https://xsolla.com/funding) for potential investment to help them launch it into the world and, possibly, be the starting point for a career in game design.

Younger students can actually get started learning programming concepts so they can venture into video game design and game development. When they can create their very own game, they do not only progress to learn coding skills but a multitude of new skills as well. For instance, in the event that they want to delete a command line (see this link https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/delete-file-linux-command-line/ as a reference), or compress and extract files using a particular command line, this prior knowledge can be found useful.

Let Your Kids Create Their Own Games: Get To Know The Best 3D Game Design Course For Kids

Let us know the learning resources, plus new courses that will allow kids to get their hands on as they create and begin to program their 3D games.

1. Zenva Sky

One of the best online courses in game design that children can enrol in is Zenva Sky. In creating games, this course on coding for kids uses virtual reality via the Zenva Sky VR app that provides a fun learning environment when they are coding and creating their own game.

2. iD Tech Video Game Camp

iD Tech Video Game Camp, on the other hand, offers video game development, as well as design camps, so kids learn new skills and key concepts in game design as part of their professional development. Kids receive education not just in game design but also in character development and more.

This course offers learnings on 3D game development, Java, and a whole lot more. Aside from video game camps, there are also private lessons in game development for kids in this camp to prepare them for the future.


The third course on our list is GAME-U. Unlike the other courses, kids learn coding, game design, and robotics in a STEM-based environment. Companies like Microsoft and EA design the courses.

This camp offers a wide range of cool projects for kids, so they know how to make their very own game with hands-on experience as kids learn skills and forming real games on various platforms.

4. Power Up Tech Academy Programs

With Power Up Tech Academy Programs, students learn to code and design their games using languages like Scratch and Python. This camp for kids also features video game art camps for developing their own characters.

5. Video Game Palooza

Video Game Palooza is another video game design course that consists of week-long camps when teaching kids how to create their very own game. Other subjects include graphics design, web design, and so much more.

The Advantages Of Teaching Coding Skills And Game Design To Kids

Letting kids learn how to immerse themselves in 3D video game design and game development so that they can produce their own games provides a lot of advantages. Take a look at each of them.

Enhances Their Skills In Problem-Solving

Coding and game design usually solve problems. It is about kids using the knowledge of programming language to create a game while they code. With this, kids are bound to hone

their problem-solving skills.

Improves Their Mathematics Skills

When they are immersed in computer programming, programming concepts, and video game design, they will also improve their mathematics skills. After all, coding is also about math. Coding utilizes the abilities of a computer so kids can perform calculations, thereby applying their math skills. These calculations are what kids will use to get the computer to perform actions. The game design also personalizes their math skills.

Promotes Teamwork

Video game design and coding offer kids the opportunity for teamwork. Kids can participate in coding projects with other kids or even just communicating issues with coding with these kids. Working with a team is fun, teaching kids various teamwork skills they can use in their daily lives.

Stimulates Their Creativity

Coding and video game design that involve programming concepts allow kids to express themselves more. Like designing websites, designing games teaches kids to be creative as they further discover the facets of computer programming.

Prepares Your Kids For The Future

One of the best successes of video game design is gearing them up for the future. Beyond game design, they can actually utilize these skills to secure their careers in coding and computer science.

Build Games In 3D With The Best Courses And Virtual Camps

With this list of the best courses where kids can learn 3D game design, they should be able to be provided with a myriad of choices once they say they are ready to venture into creating their own games. There are actually many more courses to choose from. Support from parents and the people around them is very important as they progress in learning more about game development and programming concepts.