When It Comes To Conveyancing Be In The Driving Seat

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If you are serious about moving house and you understand your affordability then it’s time to take charge and be in the driving seat. So many property deals fall through simply because the legal side starts too late and somebody else jumps and grabs that great property that you spent many hours and days searching for.

I thought I should provide some top mum tips for you to consider when moving house. You could be a first time buyer or an existing homeowner but the process is still the same.

  1. Use a whole of market mortgage Broker to understand your affordability.
  2. Let the Broker search the mortgage market to find the top 3 deals.
  3. For each mortgage deal your affordability may change simple because you need to put down a higher deposit.
  4. Instruct a Solicitor when you place your property for sale and do ensure they can act for your new proposed Mortgage Lender
  5. If you are buying only then instruct your Solicitor before offer acceptance stage
  6. Use a moving checklist and cost out each stage using key professionals that provide a fixed fee quote.
  7. Use professionals that call you back when expected. If you have to chase, then maybe they aren’t the right ones.
  8. Some Solicitors have access to faster searches. That can make a difference as some Local Authorities are experiencing a back log due to the furlough of staff
  9. Understand what happens if your property fails to transact. We do know that Homebuyer conveyancing provides a search pledge within all their purchase quotes. If your transaction fails you can get another set of searches for Free
  10. When you do instruct a Solicitor do return the paperwork promptly. The conveyance can’t start until the Solicitor receives your signed terms.

The above 10 tips will get you thinking but how do you choose the right Conveyancing Solicitor?

Conveyancing – Can You Really Compare pricing Online?

If you need car insurance then you will probably use a comparison website. You can now find a Solicitor for your sale, purchase or remortgage by using a conveyancing comparison website such as Homebuyer Conveyancing.

Homebuyer lets you browse the many conveyancing quotations without the need to enter your personal details. We love this as you do not receive calls touting for your business. Some websites ask for your personal details upfront and the obvious happens. You get bombarded with Solicitors wanting your business. This can be by email and by phone. Extremely annoying if you are at the early stages and establishing a budget.

Use Homebuyer to budget for your Conveyancing and make progress fast. You can filter results by price, location and by approved Mortgage Lender. Each like for like quote clearly details your legal fees and any applicable disbursements. The purchase quotes include a search pledge.

Get To The Top Of Your Game By Having A Plan Of Action

Make progress on your property move by instructing a Solicitor that provides a fixed fee conveyancing quotation. All Homebuyer Solicitors have access to a faster search and this will help to speed up your conveyance.

Do check that the contact details you use are correct and that your Solicitor is able to begin your conveyance.

Make a start by :-

  1. Comparing conveyancing pricing
  2. Instructing and returning paperwork promptly
  3. Establishing a realistic Exchange of Contracts date

Point 3 is so important. Exchange is when an accepted offer becomes binding. No party can pull out.

If you need any help in choosing the right Conveyancing Solicitor then Homebuyer Conveyancing has a helpline on 0345 463 7664.

The no hassle approach to finding a Solicitor is where you are free to choose a Solicitor and when the time is right you can instruct and get a direct call back to move things forward.

Be in the driving seat and enjoy the scenery.