Where To Meet Other Mom Friends

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When you become a mom everything in your life changes.  Often friendships can transform when you have kids and your friends don’t.  Gone are the days of going to the bar and drinking heavily until sunrise and sleeping in until midday.  Your white shag carpet is now replaced with a multi colored rug to try to mask the goldfish cracker crumbs and stains from spilled juice.  If you don’t have other mom friends to hang out with you can start to feel a bit isolated and craving connection with other moms who you identify with.

It can be challenging to meet other mom friends if you aren’t sure where to look.  However, it can be as simple as knowing the right places to go and what to do.  Here are some of the best places for meeting other moms and making friends.

Through Your Children’s Friends

If your child has friends that they’ve made in school or through activities then don’t hesitate to consider that they may have parents which are potential friends for you too. Next time your children propose a play date try inviting the parents over as well.  This can be a great chance to see if you have things in common.

If you end up getting along then you can enjoy a nice coffee or glass of wine with the other mom while your children play together simultaneously.  This way not only are you getting your needs fulfilled and being social, but your kids are too!

In Mom Groups

Sometimes forums and mom groups can be great places to meet other local moms who are interested in the same things as you.  By commenting on posts or participating in conversations you can start to find other like-minded moms who may also be looking for more friends in the area.

Facebook can be a great place to start by doing a simple search of mom groups in your particular city.  You never know when your best friend could just be one post away.

Through Friends Of Friends

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends if they have friends who are also parents that live nearby.  Sometimes the best kind of friends are made through people that you already know.  This degree of separation gives you a better chance of knowing that you’ll have things in common.

Ask your friends if they wouldn’t mind inviting their mom friends over as well next time you go out to a cafe to meet up.

At The Park

When you take your kids to the park there are lots of other moms there accompanying their kids.  Don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with other moms who are playing with their kids. Chances are they live in the same area and you can meet up.