Who and What Will You Need to Hire for Renovating a House?

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A lot of people purchase run-down properties for a low price to do full renovations, either to turn it into a home for them or to sell on to someone else for a profit. If you have been thinking about pursuing this kind of opportunity, you will need to prepare yourself for such a mammoth task. You might be brave and talented enough to try and do the renovations yourself, but for those who have little experience in this, you’ll have to hire the following people and other things to carry out this work.


If you have no experience as a builder, then you will need to hire a contractor to come and help with your renovation project. They will bring a team of professional builders with them to help tear down and put up walls, make sure that the worksite is safe, and work to meet your deadlines to the best of their ability. They might also be able to recommend plumbers and electricians that you can use to deal with the pipes and wiring in your home if these need work, which is highly likely if the property has been abandoned for a long time.

Additional Equipment

A contractor should have plenty of tools and equipment to bring to your building site, but you should factor into your budget the possibility of having to hire additional equipment as well. For example, hiring an 8 yard skip to help keep the building site clear and tidy. You might also need to hire powerful lights to brighten up darker areas or when the natural light is dull. Dust covers, scaffolding, and various tools might also need to be purchased or hired for the job.


You might want to think about hiring an architect if you are going to be making big changes to the property. For example, if you’re going to extend it or make significant alterations to the structure. An architect will be able to bring your vision for the property to life and offer some advice on what will work and what won’t. In addition, they will help to turn your previously neglected property into a gorgeous house that will be very desirable.

Landscape Gardener

It’s very important to not forget about your garden when renovating a property, as these outdoor spaces will do a lot to increase your property’s value and make it an overall nicer place to live. However, after builders have been in and out of your house, the garden might likely feel trampled or non-existent. Consider hiring a landscape gardener to style your garden to match the final look of the house and help it flourish.

Professional Decorator and Painters

Although these are jobs that many people choose to do themselves, hiring a professional painter/decorator is worth it if you have the budget for it. It will guarantee a perfect finish to help enhance your interior design and make your newly renovated house the ideal living space.

If you’re preparing to take on a full property renovation, you’ll need help from all of the above to get the best results.