Why a move to South East England maybe the best one you make

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If you’re in need of beachy views, plenty of space, a nearby city to do your shopping and an all round warm community feel, look no further than the South East. Home of the Capital and plenty of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the South East ticks a lot of boxes and with new developments cropping up all over this region, this making a move here will certainly be an investment and not just a financial one.

Suburban Living

If you’re keen to set down your roots somewhere with the perfect balance of greenery and closeby city connections, the South East is heaving with friendly commuter towns enveloped in greenbelt on the outer reaches of the city. Shared Ownership is a great way to get on the property ladder in these areas with Shared Ownership Essex and Shared Ownership Dartford amongst the suburban favourites not far from London. These regions are great spots for good schools, plenty of space to walk and well within a 20 minute journey to London.

City Living

If you fancy a faster pace to life and something a little more lively then London living could be for you. With new developments like The Refinery providing those cityscape skylines and eclectic nightlife on your doorstep, there’s a lot to love about a move here. Whether you’re looking for something more central with shared ownership Tower Hamlets or somewhere a touch further out but still at the heart of all the action like Shared Ownership West Drayton, there’s plenty of options and factors to consider. Shared Ownership London is booming with brand new developments and definitely worth checking out if London living sounds good to you.

Beachside Living

Who doesn’t want to wake up to a view of the ocean, am I right? Living by the beach is a dream for many a first-time buyer and with Shared Ownership Brighton and Hove, you can do just that. Brighton is a colourful coastal town with its own personality and plenty of colour. From ice cream on the beach to artisan coffee shops to bouncing clubs and bars, there’s a lot of fun to be had in Brighton and with shared ownership you can get your hands on anything from a 4 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment at a price you love.

Countryside Living

Not everyone is made for the city, so if you revel in the outdoors, long walks and expansive views of farmland and meadows, you want to take yourself down to Kent. Shared Ownership Kent offers houses, apartments and big family homes wrapped in glorious countryside. Not too far that the city isn’t a short train journey away, Kent is a beautiful South Easterly spot to settle down in. And if you’re looking to move somewhere with the perfect balance between village life and countryside basking Shared Ownership Surrey is also a great option.