Why Boutique Hotels are Great for Family Getaways

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Category: Family Holidays and Weekends

Before we even dive into the reason why boutique hotels are indeed a great accommodation option for family getaways, it’s perhaps pertinent to make sure the explicit definition of what a boutique hotel is, is fully understood.

After all, many properties listed on accommodation searching platforms are indicated to fall under the boutique hotel category, but they’re not necessarily boutique hotels in the real sense of the term.

It’s an old trick used just to show up in special search results, rankings, and listings, so a little bit of discretion needs to be exercised when searching for a boutique hotel in that manner.

So what is a boutique hotel?

The shortest and most concise definition of a boutique hotel is a small hotel, which typically has around 10-20 rooms available for rent. That’s at least as far as the most common boutique hotels go, otherwise technically speaking the number of rooms can range from 10-100 in total…

So with that definition in mind, it’s probably becoming clear to you that there are instances when hotels you’re considering making a booking with are in fact boutique hotels, but they’re not necessarily listed as such. The other scenario is true as well, where hotels are listed as falling under the boutique category, but they have just over 100 rooms in total…

With that definition in mind as well, doesn’t something like a serviced apartment qualify as a unit housed in a boutique hotel? It most certainly does and that brings into focus one of the many reasons why boutique hotels are great for family getaways.

Ideal family accommodation

As far as family accommodation goes, it probably doesn’t get any better than a boutique hotel, particularly if that boutique hotel houses serviced apartment units. A serviced apartment makes for just the right mix between feeling like you’re being accommodated in a space that is distinctly different from your everyday domestic living environment, except it comes with the comforts of home.

Eating out every single day, for every single meal of the day can get very expensive. So it makes for a great option to be able to exercise if you rather want to do some grocery shopping, pop some of the ingredients in the fridge, and prepare a nice “home-cooked” meal.

You can save a lot of costs, while getting the vacation you need. Since the space is also maintained and managed by someone else, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. These places are likely to organise commercial cleaning services in Marietta, GA, or wherever they are located. This makes your stay enjoyable and yet homely, but without any of the chores.

A more personalised service

Boutique hotels, due to their limited number of units or rooms, frequently excel in providing highly personalized service. When guests make contact in advance, especially when traveling as a family, these establishments often go the extra mile to ensure a seamless and pleasant experience. Their attention to detail can extend to accommodating special requests for families, such as arranging adjoining rooms, providing extra amenities for children, or even suggesting family-friendly activities in the area.

Additionally, boutique hotels place a strong emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and security. Their relatively smaller size enables more hands-on supervision of cleaning and maintenance operations. To guarantee impeccable cleanliness, they frequently enlist the services of local experts, such as those specializing in commercial cleaning jacksonville fl, or the specific location where the establishment is situated. As a result, guests can anticipate impeccably maintained and flawlessly clean rooms, communal spaces, and facilities. In terms of security, these establishments often feature enhanced safety measures, like restricted access to the property and 24/7 concierge services, ensuring that families can relax and enjoy their stay with peace of mind. Additionally, boutique hotels may offer family pricing options that make the experience both memorable and budget-friendly for travelers with children.

Inherent family options

Boutique hotels excel in providing an inclusive experience for families, even when they don’t offer self-catered apartment units. Family-friendliness is ingrained in their service ethos, setting them apart from more conventional accommodations. These establishments readily accommodate the unique needs of families by offering additional services, like providing an extra bed and bedding, typically without imposing additional charges. This commitment to going the extra mile extends to their operational processes, ensuring that fulfilling such requests is a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Boutique hotels recognize that the beauty of a family vacation lies in the seamless blending of comfort and convenience. The availability of family-oriented amenities and services is a testament to their dedication to guest satisfaction. This guest-centric approach not only caters to families’ needs but does so with a level of care and attention that adds a touch of luxury to the overall experience, making a family stay at a boutique hotel memorable and stress-free.