Will 2021 see a Rebirth of the Handbag?

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The year 2020 was hell on earth for handbags. This has nothing to do with the handbags suddenly becoming an anathema or insufficient for their jobs, God forbid. This sudden decline in their usage and a massive plummet in their sales came after the lockdown. After all, what would you do with a stylish contemporary designer bag for cheap when you are locked in your house for months on end?

People were questioning whether they need anything more than simple sweats and loungewear. Weeks of stasis stretched into months, and a highly profitable industry saw a rapid decline. People questioned the point of keeping up with the latest trends when you can’t even use them. It is estimated that the sales of handbags reduced by up to 28% all over the world.

What’s the Point of Accessories: 2020 vs 2021?

Accessories are an excellent way of bringing colour to life. They brighten our day, make our friends jealous and make the coworkers do a double back to stare at you when passing by. Now, the masks are a new statement. Bold accessories played a big role in 2020 if you want to dress-up while maintaining the casual, dressed-down wardrobe look.

Despite you not having much to carry, the pandemic still requires a place for you to store the essentials. Even in 2021, you still have to carry sanitisers and masks alongside the essentials, like wallet, phone, keys, etc. Accessories are making a come back with a vengeance this year.

Like a Phoenix, Handbags Rise from the Ashes

As the vaccination continues to be administered, lockdown restrictions are lifting step-by-step. Carrying a handbag is becoming as much a necessity as a fashion statement. It is all but inevitable that the handbags will see a resurgence in the year 2021. They won’t just brighten your outfit but also carry all the essentials.

Understandably, people are apprehensive. They do not know if they could begin relying on handbags as much as they used to. But if you are anything like me, you will let nothing hinder you from buying cute accessories. I know the hype over new designs is psyching me up already.

This is the time for practical, bold and stylish bags to reappear. Handbags have always been an essential part of identity for both sexes for centuries. They have survived multiple crises and always reappeared after a brief lull. Trust me; it’ll be the same now.

What to Look for in the Upcoming Days?

The runway shows took a backseat last year, but they will be coming back as soon as vaccinations make enough circulation. Global trends are already starting to dominate once more. For countless fans, the fascination with luxury or economical handbags is at an all-time high.

According to Art Market Research, highly coveted designer handbags lead the consumers’ interest in both the collectable and investment category. They are even rising beyond cars, vintage whisky, and cars.

Many high-end fashion brands have upgraded their handbag line-up for the 2021 Spring and Summer season. The fashionistas are watching with bated breath for the unveiling. You will eventually have to agree that there really is some extra space in your closet for the latest trendsetting bags. I only hope you won’t be too late.