Will we see the end of weddings abroad after coronavirus?

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The impact of the coronavirus on our lives has been tremendous. For most of us, we haven’t had to deal with such chaos ever before. Every area of our lives seems to have been entirely flipped on its head almost overnight. And for so many young couples, the cherished wedding day that they had been planning appears to have been thrown up into the air, leaving many of them with serious concerns about how their weddings will be affected by the coronavirus, whether they plan to get married before the end of the year, or much later into 2021.

Couples from all across the world have been affected by this news, with even Princess Beatrice’s postponement proving that absolutely nobody is immune to this policy from the government. The biggest question for couples, however, is for those who have planned their weddings abroad. Will the wedding go ahead this year? What kind of measures will be in place? Will they have to relocate the wedding to the U.K?

For you to better understand and get a plan of action into place, we are going to examine today whether or not we will see the end of weddings abroad, once we emerge from the other side of this pandemic. Regardless of whether you have a wedding planner, or even if you just have the intention to get married abroad in the future, then this article is for you.

The situation on International travel

Currently, the most significant barrier to weddings abroad is international travel restrictions. If your wedding is going to be overseas this summer, then the sad news is that it is unlikely to go ahead to a planned. This came after the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab put an end to all British holidays in an announcement more than a month ago. This would make the ideal ‘destination wedding’ virtually impossible for couples who plan to do so, whicj account for 16 per cent of all marriages in the UK, according to Mintel.

Airline flights on an international stage are only expected to pick up again during July time. For example, Emirates airlines currently only fly to nine global destinations, British Airways claim that activity will only restart in July, and Virgin Atlantic claims that their airline operations won’t begin until August at the earliest. All of this, in combination with the fact that Boris Johnson has announced a two-week quarantine for anyone entering the country from abroad, makes it look rather unlikely that any weddings (particularly large scale ones) could take place either this year or possibly even into next year too.

How will weddings abroad look if they do go ahead?

Any weddings that do take place abroad (if any at all in the next 12 months) are set to look radically different. There will likely be several crucial changes to the ceremonies that we are so used to.

The first of those changes is the growing popularity of outdoor venues. Now in countries with a warmer climate, these were very common anyway, but they now look set to become almost mandatory for weddings abroad. We will likely see an increase in ceremonies held in the gardens or other outdoor venues, with open-air marquees becoming much more popular in the future.

Additionally, if weddings abroad do go ahead, they will likely be on a much smaller scale. Large, indoor weddings are not likely to take place until medical authorities found some form of vaccine or treatment. Weddings that are to be held in the UK may be cut in half, and that number may shrink even further for those traveling abroad, due to the higher concentration of risk involved.

This close, intimate celebration at a destination abroad may be somewhat of a blessing in disguise; couples will be given a chance to connect to each of their guests and make their celebration much more intimate and emotional than before.

What to do if you have a wedding planned

If your wedding is going to be taking place in September or later, you may be able to go ahead with your plans. Yet this is of course not set in stone, and you will have to keep in close touch with your venue or planner while keeping an eye on international developments.

The main thing that you need to do is take into consideration the health and safety of your guests. For example, you may find that large amounts of guests just aren’t comfortable in gathering abroad – particularly elderly or other guests who may be deemed as ‘high-risk’.

During these times, communication is critical. Each wedding is so different and requires couples to make essential decisions about cutoff points, updating everyone during these times.

If you decide that you may wish to cancel or postpone your wedding, the first thing that you can do is to contact your venue and proceed to have a conversation about it. You are likely to find that they are very understanding, given that it is such a tough time for everyone. Once you make them aware you can wait on global developments before making a decision.


Inc inclusions then, weddings abroad aren’t likely to grow in popularity anytime soon. For those who have already booked their destination wedding location, cancellation or postponement until Autumn is the most suitable options.

Will weddings abroad ever come back? Of course, they will. But when they do, they may appear to be very different from the ceremonies that we have seen in the past, with fewer guests in a larger venue, who knows what the future may hold for us.

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