Working mothers: 4 + 1 tips for more productive work

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At this time, many parents – the majority, to be precise – will need to meet their professional obligations from home. But how easy is it for a working mother to concentrate on her work with the children at home, claiming her attention? The following tips will help you make the temporary change in your work environment as smoothly as possible for everyone and, most importantly, for you.

1 – Talk to your employer

Before you start working from home, it is essential to talk to your employer and understand what tasks he expects you to complete and within how long. On your part, let him know that you will be working in the children’s presence at home and that you may need a small amount of time to complete some tasks. So you will find some alternatives together if needed. Your boss may, for example, tell you about the organizational plan that seemed to be “working” for another co-worker with children working from home. Remember. More than ever now is the time for communication, understanding and mutual aid. So use it to your advantage.

2 – Bring your office to your home

According to experts, the more professional profile you give to your temporary home workplace, the easier it will be for you to be able to concentrate on your work and convey to the children the message that you are doing something important that requires dedication. So define and decorate a specific space in the house that you will call a “temporary office”, ideally a quiet place that will offer you the possibility of isolation. Also, do not neglect the effect of your clothing on your psychology. Avoid pyjamas and overalls that create a sense of relaxation and prefer a work dress code that will make you feel more productive. Trust us on this one; it works.

3 – Let your children understand that you work

There is nothing clearer than telling the truth to your children. And it would be best if you shared this with your children during the period when you will work from home. Explain to them clearly that mom can be home for the specific hours of the day (setting them) but will be busy with her work. For example, you can practice the voice actor profession from home, and you need absolute silence to record your parts. So your children should respect your working hours and stay calm and calm.

It is imperative to keep quiet at home, especially in the case of voice acting, where any sound of the recording environment can affect your material. Nevertheless, the profession of voice acting is a very creative and enjoyable profession, which can greatly reward working mothers. Voquent is in constant search of voice actors, ready to join its large team, offering flexible hours and competitive salaries. This means that the mother will be able to organize her work schedule for her own personal needs.

4 – Divide your daily activities into smaller tasks

Without the stress that often increases our office space efficiency, you may feel more distracted when working with children at home. Therefore, organize your time by completing one project at a time. Please make a list of your daily or weekly tasks and break them into smaller hourly tasks. Each time you complete a task, reward yourself with a little time with the children. Ask them out well if they are no longer absorbed in the connection, and talk to them about their day-to-day activities.

5 – Keep in touch with your colleagues/friends

During this transitional period, it is beneficial to keep in touch with everyone: both yours and your colleagues and your children’s communication with friends and classmates. Please take advantage of your break to ask your coworkers how they are doing at home and to encourage each other. Similarly, during your next break, call your friends with your children or, even better, make a live video call to find out their news in a catch up that will incite you.

There will be times when working with children at home will be difficult. But if you stay organized, focused and focused, everything will go smoothly. Remember that it is not time to prove our perfection but our perfect ability to respond with determination, positivity and optimism. And that is enough to stay focused on your goal.