Your Official ‘London with the Kids’ Checklist!

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London is one of the best destinations to visit as a family. It has numerous fun activities for kids and adults. You can take the kids to fun attractions to keep them entertained, and adults can enjoy themselves.

However, travelling with kids can be stressful, especially if it is your first time since it’s packed with several exciting attractions for your family. Some of the major activities in London include:

• Kid museums

• Castles

• Boat rides

It is essential to consider some things when planning your visit to London.

Top Tips When Traveling to London with Kids

Plan How You Will Travel Around the City

First-time visitors face challenges trying to move from one point to the other. Therefore, it is best to download transport information apps before boarding the plane to London. These apps make it convenient for you to move around since it helps you determine whether to use a bus, taxi, walk or use the underground train.

It is best to purchase the Oyster card or ensure you have a contactless card when planning to use the underground train.

The underground system can be hot during summer. Therefore, carry enough water bottles to help you stay hydrated while using the train.

Book your Accommodation Early

Planning your stay is essential when travelling with kids. The internet has made it easy for one to make bookings and pay for them in advance. Some accommodation facilities offer extra services such as airport pick-ups and help you plan how to move around. To get the best aparthotels in London click here.

Are you looking for something central? Will you be using the underground or catching taxis? Contact your accommodation team and ask whether they can help with navigating the city.

Carry the Right Gear

Always pack the right clothes to combat London weather. Before travelling, always check the latest weather updates to allow you to choose the right clothes. Some of the most important things include;

• Raincoat

• Gloves

• Sunglasses

• Scarf

• Hat

• Sunscreen cream

Don’t Forget a Map!

Whether it’s a digital map of London, or a physical map (which you can pick up outside the stations) make sure you know where you’re headed.

Research on the Best Places to Take the Kids

London contains many fun places to go with your family and kids. Some of the most popular attractions in the city include:

• The theatre

• London Zoo

• Science Museum

• Tower of London

• Tower Bridge Exhibition

• House of parliament

Table Toys

You can visit London without enjoy the fantastic restaurants and food markets! For young children, a few small table toys will keep them busy while they sample the diverse selection of London cuisine.

Carry a Small Digital Camera & Phone!

Fun moments are worth recording. A holiday with your kids is one of the best memories you should keep. These pictures will remind you of the beautiful moments you had. A camera also helps you reduce using your phone to take pictures, allowing you to save on battery.